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Based in Lancashire, we manufacture, design, install, distribute and repair multipurpose heavy duty manual or electrical roller shutter doors of any size nationwide.


Single skin or insulated roller shutter doors, galvanised as standard, with a large range of colours available.


With no middle man and over 15 years in the trade we guarantee high quality and value for money as standard, each roller shutter door is tailormade to your requirements.


Products available include:

Sectional overheads

Sectional overhead doors enable excellent access and traffic , whilst providing a valuable barrier to reducing energy loss. These doors are ideal for loading bays, industrial and storage units, fire and ambulance stations.


Sectional overhead doors can be manually or electrically operated. Colour options are available.



Industrial roller shutter doors

Roller shutters are the traditional industrial door, giving long life whilst being easily repaired and serviced. We offer a range of manual and electrically operated shutters that can be manufactured to most sizes. Finishes include galvanised, or plastisol.

Industrial shutters offer tough resistance whilst being economical to install. They can be easily automated and are ideal for protecting retail outlets, commercial buildings, leisure centres, hospitals, etc. They can also be used on agricultural buildings, industrial units, underground car parks and other areas where security is essential.

A wide range of finishes and colours are available to match their surroundings.


Industrial roller shutter doors
Industrial insulated roller shutter doors

Insulated Industrial Doors are available in a wide range of styles and colours, with a variety of operational options. Insulated Doors are extremely popular due to an ability to withstand high usage, ease of use and protection from noise and draughts.

We can use either a single phase or three phase motor operation depending on the size and customers requirements. The external finishes can be either the basic galvanised steel, plastisol or powder coated finishes.

Our Insulated Industrial Doors are ideally suited for the following:


  • Warehouses
  • Distribution Depots
  • Factories
  • Offices and Business Premises
  Industrial Insulated Door
Domestic Roller shutter Doors

Shutter door Services specialise in high quality roller shutters that are tailor-made to achieve the specific safety requirements of homeowners. A roller shutter can not only offer direct security protection against potential intruders, but often the sight of one alone will deter opportunists from attempting to gain access to your property.


All of our domestic roller shutters are manufactured to the highest of standards, incorporating both elegance and durability in their design. We can also provide our shutters in a variety of finishes and colours, ensuring that they integrate with the overall aesthetic of your home easily.

  Domestic Roller shutter Doors
Steel Personnel doors

Our steel security/personnel doors also come with a 7-point locking system for maximum security and added piece of mind.

  Steel Personnel Doors
Wicket doors

For pedestrian traffic without opening the industrial door, wicket doors are a practical solution

  Wicket Door
Roller shutter garage doors

Our manual or electric roller shutter garage doors not only provide secure protection but save space inside the garage and more space when fully open. You can park inches from the door yet still allow it to be opened safely. A wide range of colours are available.

Parts: laths, guides, angles, barrels, and remote control units

Shutter Door Services Ltd can also supply a range of components to other Roller Shutter companies.
Components available are:


  • Solid Lath
  • Perforated Lath
  • Hoods
  • Angles
  • Guide channels
  • Bottom rail
  • Tubes
  • Motors
  • Switches
  • Remotes
  • All other parts and accessories


Deliveries, Installation, and Repairs available Nationwide.


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Roller Shutter colour chart

Roller Shutters for shops

Roller Shutters for shops

Roller Shutters for units

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